Adult Airguns



In December of 1999, I discovered Adult Airguns. Sure, I owned BB guns and pellet rifles as a child, but passed through the phase as I entered my teens. I never really thought they were useful for anything more than immature fun-shooting. A squirrel problem at our home presented a bonafide need for an adult airgun. I bought a new Diana RWS-36 from a local gunshop. Shortly thereafter, I discovered Internet forums dedicated to airguns and airgunning. I solved the back yard squirrel-overpopulation problem with selective extermination and went on to become an adult airgun collector and competition airgun shooter. I especially enjoy owning and shooting the high-end airguns such as the Steyr and the Whiscombe pictured above. I now have a total of 16 high-quality rifles and 6 pistols.

Through airguns, I've met many good, like-minded people in the Dallas area, throughout the state, and around the country. Several of us locals have combined our efforts to hold Autumn Airgun Fun, a national airgun avent. Another good friend hosts "Airgunstock" near Austin, Texas. Betwen the two events, we have helped Texas become the airgunning center of the Universe.


The buttons to the left will take you to pictures of my airgun collection, airgun events, and airgun personalities that I've met since discovering the sport of Adult Airguns and Airgunning.