Making Tools!

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First, a disclaimer:

This pictorial is not intended to be an official instruction document.  It is only documentation of my do-it-yourself installation of a new Baker DD-6 Builder's Kit.  There is no liability for damages or injury to anyone, either expressed or implied, resulting from someone's using this documentation.  I'm not even sure that I did everything right.  But you can use this to see what all I did during my installation. 

There are some special tools needed to work on a Harley Twin Cam transmission.  The most important one is a big deep socket to pull the final drive pulley nut off.  They cost $130 to $160 depending on the source.  I decided that it wouldn't be hard to make my own.   Did it with a cheap socket and a piece of pipe. 

First I faced-off the socket to remove the bevels for a better grip on the nut.  Then, cut the socket into two pieces.  I turned a smaller diameter shelf on the top part to tightly receive the pipe.  Then pressed the pipe onto the shelf.  Finally, I clamped and welded the three pieces together to make the one deep socket. 

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