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In April of 2004, we purchased a previously-owned 2002 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic.  I found it on eBay; only 1,700 miles on the odometer and included a Kendon trailer, two helmets, headsets for communication, and at a highly discounted price.  It was perfect in every way. The icing on the cake was that the owner only lived about three hours from my house.  With cashier's check in hand, we went to down to Killeen and retrieved it after winning the auction.  I was really thinking that I would try out this "Geezer Glide" and probably wouldn't like it; but could put it up for sale and get my money back.  However, a few trips to the store where I made good use of the tourpac made a believer out of me.  Pretty soon, the FatGlide sat in the garage while I rode my Ultra almost everywhere.  I was hooked. 

Of course, no one can leave a Harley Davidson in totally stock dress.  Customization began, slowly . . .step by step. My good friend, Dave, inflicted the motorcycle with a disease known as "chrome-itis" with a gift of a pair of chrome passenger floorboard covers.  That was the start of my personalization of the motorcycle from stock into my very own concept. 

This is the first time I saw our new Luxury Blue Harley Davidson Ultra Classic.

Compared to the FatGlide, it was so big and top-heavy that I almost dropped it that day when backing up!