Installation of Wild1's #575 Handlebars

I was asked by a couple of people to document the installation of my Wild1's #575 handlebars on my ElectraGlide Ultra Classic. Today was the perfect day. It's cool, rainy, and wet . . .perfect for motorcycle customization in my workshop.

The following is a sequence of thumbnails that link to pictorial documentation of the job. It wasn't nearly as difficult as I had feared. Total time from roll-in to roll out: 3 hours, 22 minutes.

The following is simply a documentation of my handlebar installation. It is not a step-by-step instruction set and is not authorized by any person or vendor. When working on your own motorcycle, proceed at your own risk. Using this website is no guarantee of success or safety and I offer no responsibility or liability.

Update!  Several things were changed since this installation:

A.  The clutch cable was too short.  I tried every routing possibility but at full lock, the clutch would become slightly disengaged.  A new 5" longer Barnett cable was installed.

B.  The throttle and idle cables were too short.  The throttle setting would change at full lock despite being held stationary at the hand grip.

C.  The handlebars broke between the risers (pictures):  Chubby's warned of this; but unfortunately at the time, no single-piece top clamp was available that wouldn't hit the radio.  Harley Davidson came out with a new one-piece top clam that does fit under the radio.

Getting Ready
Hidden Screws


Tricky Release



Clipping Ties


Brake Shim

Remove Bars

Compare Clamp

No Bars
Control Wiring


Clamp Assembly

Clamp Alignment

Connector Relocation

Old and New

Internal Wiring

Right Connector


Throttle Assy

Clutch Cable
Left Grip

Switch Block


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